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Originating from Carmel, NY, my artistic journey unfolded at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY, where I delved into my undergraduate studies. Subsequently, I pursued my Masters at SUNY Albany, culminating in graduation amid the challenges of the 2020 pandemic.


Returning home during my final semester, I temporarily paused my sculpting endeavors but immersed myself in photography-related roles. I managed studios for both JcPenney Portraits and Kramer Portraits, simultaneously teaching American Art History at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. During this period, I embraced freelance photography, capturing moments with families, couples, kids, pets, and musicians.


Within my artistic practice, I specialize in sculpture, directing my focus towards crafting body castings using materials like plaster and silicone. These foundational elements harmonize with additional materials such as clay, wax, toilet paper, and found objects. In the realm of photography, I employ double-exposure techniques to intricately shape cubist-like compositions through digital manipulation. Both practices intertwine seamlessly, united by the pervasive theme of the human experience resonating throughout my creations.

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