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Abjection is the human response of rejecting the disgusting and atrocities of the human body and behavior, which results from the loss of the distinction between subject and object, or between self and another. Once faced with such horrors we either turn away in disgust or stare in shock, my art intends to force this dilemma upon the individual. Creating installations and sculptures that entices the mind of the emotionally unstable, while simultaneously exposing the human body. During any mental breakdown, I crochet toilet paper to calm my mind. I simultaneously create human body hybrids, sometimes combining them with other parts of the body, or with taxidermy animals. I do this to denounce the degrading stigma of our culture that has created on the individual's mental and physical state. My final result illustrates the taboo, and allows for a symbiotic relationship between the hybrid sculptures and crocheted toilet paper, creating a chaotic environment they can co-exist.

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